Thursday, March 11, 2010

summer time, wild adventures....BRING IT!!

daddy and his girls....silly willys.

Those who "really" know me know that I don't do well in the winter months. In fact, I whither. I am a Florida girl and like GATORS (yes Dad, that is a plug!) I NEED HEAT! I live in memories (especially good ones) of summers passed. Here are some pics of our visist to Wild Adventures last summer. Can't WAIT to go back! We wised up and got season passes with our buds this year! YIPPEE!!
The Gang: Front: Molli. Middle: Me, Bethany, Alicia, Amanda. Back: Adam, Emily, Pam & Rod.

me and my goofy isabel

pam & isabel ~ love you girls!!
they all went on this thing (WITH OUT ME) a million times!

our best buds, pam & rod :)


The "summer girls" (left to right): Emily, Amanda (holding Molli), Alicia & Bethany. Aren't they "cool"?
Summer,.....soon we will meet again.

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